ATTENTION Sales Training Consultants!

ATTENTION Sales Training Consultants

At Foresite we are increasingly being asked by our clients to provide sales training and consultancy as FP&A teams move away from compliance and optimisation, towards a strategic, customer-facing, disruptive role. Firstly this raises the importance of business partnering. Also the need to  leverage the technology to deliver meaningful demand-side and customer fulfilment planning.

Sales Training Consultants – YOU CAN HELP!

Due to the wide geographical spread of our clients we want to focus on delivering our core sales technology. We find that this resonates well with current sales coaching methodologies from the consultants that we have recently worked along-side. We therefore want to partner with suitable sales consultancies that could benefit from such an alliance.

If you believe that your organisation can meet this challenge we would love to hear from you.  Also discover how we can help you to extend your consultancy terms and generate residual income. We have many opportunities for consultants and resellers alike, so lets talk!

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Attention Sales Training Consultants!
Attention Sales Training Consultants!

The Age of the Customer

The customer is the fundamental driver of change.

Today’s business environment places a premium on understanding the customer and knowing how to compete for the future. Therefore empowered buyers are driving up revenue risk, causing companies to wake-up and get competitive.

Consequences of a customer-led, digital centric market are becoming very apparent!

So says Forrester Research in their ‘2017 Predictions’ whitepaper, recommending companies to take a hard look at their culture, processes, technology, and business metrics to understand how to compete and win in this challenging age.

We therefore recommend talking to Foresite SPA to see how Customers Intelligence (CI) might provide the client-centric metrics needed to achieve customers’ fulfilment targets.  We are experienced in producing the demand-side data and metrics that are needed for good client fulfilment processes. This forms the cornerstone of your sales and operations planning processes.

When you outperform your markets and competitors you drive down revenue risk in your business.

The Customer Drives Change
Foresite: The Age of the Customer

If Proof Were Needed…

Foresite Proof of Concept

We all seek proof of concept for our ideas and inventions and the same is true for new management techniques. Ambitious businesses always seek sales pipeline and performance analytics and Sales and Operations Planning (S&OP). Therefore Foresite predominantly operates with such companies to provide these solutions.

Proving the point; Foresite are coming to the end of a three-month marketing campaign. Firstly direct calls to UK manufacturing and service companies across various sectors. Next we aim them at only those companies in receipt of growth funding from PE houses. Finally, at our first wash-up meeting it was shown that 70% of companies we approached understood and expressed an interest in the sales planning solutions we provide, and 8% have requested some follow-up action.

Therefore, not surprisingly we are extending our marketing to a much wider group and will share our more detailed findings in due course – so watch this space!

Proof of Concept
Foresite: Proof of Concept

Foresite Wins BP’s Business of the Week Award!

BP Award Winner

We are delighted to have been picked as this week’s award winner of BrightPig.COM’s  weekly Twitter competition for “Business of the Week”. Furthermore BBC Dragons Den ‘s Theo Paphitis recognises this accolade.

Award in more detail

Firstly, becoming a winner of the #BrightPigWINNER accolade is a fantastic opportunity for our business. Hence we appreciate the recognition of our efforts in supporting ambitious businesses hugely . Bright Pig are an awards-winning marketing company, helping Small Businesses become visible with Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) & Social Media.

Foresite are the first company that Yellow Mouse Studios (YMS) recommended to BrightPig that became a winner. YMS are a professional design studio that specialise in 2D and 3D animations. Foresite use YMS for their social media support. YMC have also created our awesome homepage animation. We will work with YMS to create an exciting new animated video for 2018.

They say everybody has 15 minutes of fame, so Foresite are ecstatic to receive a whole 10,080 minutes!

BP Award Winner
Foresite wins BP Award

Sales Innovation Expo 2017

Foresite at Sales Innovation Expo

Foresite regularly attend and support the Sales Expo, and 2017 was no exception. Although we didn’t host any seminars this year, we did however meet with many of the exhibitors. Therefore it gave us a good insight into the latest technical developments and trends in sales innovation. The quality of businesses exhibiting in 2017 is the best we’ve ever seen. We are particularly pleased to see so many companies developing in the S&OP space. Finally this is rapidly becoming recognised as the most significant innovation in delivering sales performance improvements.

Sales Innovation Expo 2015

Foresite are active in this market and have been for over 10 years. At the 2015 Expo we gave a presentation on the importance of demand-side planning in integrated business planning (IBP). We are no doubt going to be presenting at future Expos. Because the 2018 show is scheduled for 21/22 of March there is still time for us to get involved.

Sales Innovation Expo
Foresite: At Sales Innovation Expo 2017

New G-Index – The Investors’ Dream Metric

New G-Index Capability Metric

New G-Index (growth index) is the ultimate metric of sales growth capability. This cardinal metric is so significant that users call it the investors dream metric.

Our clients put this simple, single figure metric to good use in a variety of  innovative ways.

New G-Index – Roots

Foresite developed the metric in 2005 for the Smithfield Corporation. This powerful index gives their investors clear visibility of the value potential being created across their $2.5 billion European portfolio during its restructuring  phase. It fulfils this requirement so well that we extended its functionality to provide drill-down capability to view the drivers and limiters impacting the index – an investor’s dream!

By comparison, other companies use the G metric to enhance EBITDA multiples on business disposals. Also they use it to assess sales synergies on new acquisitions.

We see a variety of innovative usages for this smart metric ranging from investment plan validation to performance benchmarking.

It’s time for ambitious businesses and investors to make those dreams come true by adopting this key business capability metric.

The G-Index
Foresite’s G-Index


Foresite becomes a Tech Hub London member

Tech Hub London

Foresite works with like-minded and focused Tech Hub London entrepreneurs where we can collaborate and share ideas with exciting and innovative tech companies in the UK and internationally.

Tech Hub London – Campus

In November 2016 Foresite became members of Tech Hub London, partnered with Google #GoGlobal and BT. It is exciting to be working alongside so many bright and inspirational individuals. And we feel privileged whenever we can share the benefits of Foresite’s considerable experience. We are surrounded with like-minded peers who share and understand our challenges and can help our business improve faster.

The Hub’s approach is different to that of an accelerator. First they don’t take equity, invest in member companies. Secondly they don’t impose success metrics or membership time limits on their start-up members.

Furthermore they care about creating long-term value for member companies, founders and start-up teams. They provide tech product companies, with workspace, events and support programmes near Silicon Roundabout and the City.

We are also using the Hub to meet with venture capital and private equity houses. This keeps us up to date with current investment strategies as well as market perceptions.

If you would like to know more about Foresite’s work with fellow Hub members please contact us.

Tech Hub London
Foresite: Joins Tech Hub London

New animation

Foresite – Whiteboard Animation

Foresite creates a new animation to show off its functionality and scope to interested readers.

First we produced animated videos to demonstrate and explain our software functionality. We include these on our cornerstone web pages.

Next we found the National Geographic Mars video excerpt which matches our messaging exactly. We just had to share it with everyone and we have received very positive feedback from our followers. Then this is our first whiteboard creation.

Finally we work with Yellow Mouse Studios for our videos and social media. We work directly with their creators to create bespoke content that delivers our message in the style that suits us. We believe this presents the human face of our business in a highly technical environment.

View Animation

Please view our new video below or on our home page. Contact us to give us your comments. Why not follow us to keep up to date with all the latest news and offers from Foresite.