Sales Forecasting and Demand Planning
Sales forecasting and demand planning for profitable S&OP and supply chain planning. Having confidence and certainty in sales forecasting and demand planning is a key feature of efficient and profitable supply chain planning. Also it forms the primary input for ERP systems and is conducive for efficient and profitable supply chain management.

Sales Channel Analytics
Sales channel analytics drive lead generation and demand management. Furthermore channel analytics are key features of a company’s channel marketing strategy and is therefore a key driver of sales trajectory.

Process Performance Analytics
Process performance analytics are core features of sales trajectory management. Consequently process performance analytics provide essential insights into the drivers and limiters that impact your sales and customer acquisition. Statistically, 90% of commercial activity results in lead attrition. As a result this creates a great opportunity to improve the conversion performance of your demand plan and sales forecast.

Commercial Intelligence
Commercial intelligence helps increase competitiveness and customer retention. Because commercial intelligence uses external hard data gathered from trusted sources, management are equipped to make informed decisions that improve competitiveness and customer retention. And finally Foresite uses these compelling metrics to provide valuable perspectives on your customer service and value offerings.

Scenario Planning
Scenario planning is used for setting and regularly updating sales targets. These key features of Foresite combine accurate Sales and Demand Forecasting with  powerful Process Performance Analytics  in order to provide a powerful scenario planning tool that is intuitive and simple to use.

Additional Features

Sensitivity Analysis
Sensitivity analysis creates confidence in your demand and sales forecasting. Applying Foresite’s Sensitivity analysis techniques to all demand forecasting, sales forecasting and business targets are key features to maximising stakeholder confidence in your business trajectory.

G-Index (growth index) is the ultimate metric of your sales growth capability. Based on actual sales performance and trajectory data, it is an impartial evaluation of a business’ ability to increase sales. As a result it is the ultimate sensitivity analysis metric.

Way We Work
Drive collaboration between sales and operations. Way We Work is Foresite’s lean and agile work environment creating a user experience that is intuitive, non-prescriptive and non-invasive. It is also key to creating digital connections within and across your supply chain operations to drive profitability.