Technical Documents



Drive Demand – Deliver Service

Foresite’s 2018 functional overview is essential reading for anybody who is new to Foresite demand planning and sales forecasting software. Likewise anybody considering implementing sales and operations planning (S&OP) or integrated business planning IBP should read this document first.

White Papers

White papers and books on demand forecasting and sales forecasting



IBP Demand Planning & Forecasting – Driving Efficiency & Profit

Plan, forecast and analyse future demand and sales to meet your objectives for profitability, productivity and finally customer service.



Integrated FP&A, CI and performance Management – A CFO Guide

CI answers the important questions associated with business critical issues such as customer retention, new customer acquisition and business life cycles.



Growth Management and Commercial Intelligence

The planning and forecasting model used by most businesses no longer works in today’s tough business environment and unstable markets. Therefore companies are adopting fat-based demand planning vs statistical modelling.



Driver-based Forecasting and Performance Management

Foresite explains how reliable driver-based forecasting and performance management adds shareholder value and therefore credibility to your business proposition.



Life After CRM

We have seen a steady but accelerating disillusionment with CRM, and recognition of the need for a more strategic solution. Hence Sales Performance Applications are the reason that companies have confidence in their sales figures.




LESS! – Essays on Business Transformation
(Lean Enterprise Software & Systems)
Twelve essays on creating hyper competitive business organizations by thought leaders in Beyond Budgeting, Radical Management, business strategy, Agile, Lean, Systems Thinking and complexity sciences.