Sensitivity Analysis

Sensitivity analysis creates confidence in your demand plans and sales forecasts

Apply Foresite’s sensitivity analysis techniques to all demand plans, sales forecasts, budgets and targets to maximise stakeholder confidence in your business trajectory.

Firstly we compare all calculated outcomes against current performance trends at every process step in the sales value chain. This provides the most likely outturn from which to calculate the down-side risk.

In addition, review and update the rules and conventions that you have set up in Foresite to reflect the current business environment. These include:

  • Sensitise forecasts by actual vs assumed conversion performance
  • Set rules for discounting delinquent opportunities
  • Filter speculative opportunities according to risk appetite
  • Evaluate churn replenishment capability

Finally, the highest sensitivity analytic is the G-Index for growth capability evaluation. This is probably the ultimate sales capability metric because it is calculated from all maintained pipeline, performance and commercial data .

Operational and strategic planning requires brutal honesty – not reckless optimism or cautious conservativism. Therefore Foresite provides a range of sensitivity tools that give you the confidence to commit resources to your demand forecasts and operational plans.

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