Sales Channel Analytics

Sales Channel Analytics that drive lead generation and demand 

Sales channel analytics are essential to any channel marketing strategy and are a key part of Foresite’s demand planning software for S&OP. It is a key driver of new sales especially when used in conjunction with Foresite’s commercial intelligence.

First of all, Foresite’s sales and demand forecasting is analysed by sales channel and combined with internally collected process and performance analytics. Furthermore it incorporates external data gathered by commercial intelligence thereby creating a 3D view of your channel performance.

Benefits of Channel Analytics

As a result Foresite provides important trend and status analytics for all sources of sales. Hence you can evaluate activity levels, pipeline potential, sales fulfilled, conversion and bounce performance. Sales channel analytics therefore put you in the driving seat enabling you to fully optimise your channel strategies.

Finally we incorporate these sales channel analytics into Foresite’s scenario planning tools. Consequently you can run what-if scenarios for each sales channel and formulate road maps for driving desired performance improvements.

Use sales channel analytics to:

  • Evaluate the contribution and performance of customer acquisition activities
  • Improve channel performance and efficiency
  • Optimise return on sales investments
  • Compare and evaluate marketing campaigns and other lead generation initiatives
  • Exploit hidden pockets of sales growth
  • Manage your sales channel partners

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