Process Performance Analytics

Process performance analytics impact demand planning and sales target attainment

Process performance analytics provide essential insights into the drivers and limiters that impact your sales performance and demand planning. Statistically, 90% of commercial activity results in lead attrition. Therefore this presents a great opportunity to improve the conversion performance of your demand plan and sales forecast. This increases customer/business acquisition which in turn promotes stronger customer retention.

Benefits of Process Performance Analytics

Firstly, process analytics provides  visibility of your sales value chain performance at every value step. It identifies the processes and individuals associated with success and attrition. And it analyses and quantifies the impact of causes and competitors on sales acquisition. This enables you to make informed business decisions that affect future sales acquisition success and demand planning.

Secondly, sales channel analytics evaluate the performance and value of  every sales channel. This forms an essential part of channel management and marketing strategy for your business.

Consequently, promoting a profitable response to demand maximises lead conversion and minimises opportunity leakage. Furthermore clear dashboards, data visualisations and self-service analytical tools provide clear visibility of the drivers and limiters that impact your sales performance.

Finally, when combined with our Commercial Intelligence, process analytics reveal the opportunities for improving customer service, acquisition and closure of sales gaps. Consequently it has a pivotal impact on the supply-side planning within your integrated business planning (IBP) processes.

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