G-Index improves your sales growth capability

G-Index (growth index) is the ultimate metric of your sales growth capability. Based on actual sales performance and trajectory, it is an impartial evaluation of a business’ ability to increase sales. As such it is the ultimate sensitivity analysis metric.

The ultimate test of any sales development plan is to ask can you even deliver it? No other demand planning tool enables you to challenge forecasts as pragmatically. Consequently it gives you the confidence to deliver your sales forecasts and satisfy demand plans.

G-Index establishes probably the most valuable dynamic for business development today. Use this valuable metric to:

  • validate sales forecasts, trajectories and targets
  • drill-down to the contribution of every sales input to demand growth
  • measure the impact of sales effort, and…
  • target and benchmark sales teams and business units

The importance of this growth capability index is so significant that it has been called the “investors dream metric“. Firstly it enables stakeholders to evaluate the impact of sales effort on growth capability. Also to align supply capabilities with future sales demand. This is critical in businesses that either have long  lead conversion times, or high pipeline turnover rates. It is also key for early stage businesses which have a long go-to-market development stage.

Finally, businesses with long future sales pipelines use G-Index to assess shareholder value and business worth when considering value creation transactions.

Let us tell you all about this exciting business breakthrough.