Commercial Intelligence

Commercial Intelligence increases competitiveness and customer retention

Commercial intelligence uses external hard data gathered from trusted sources to improve competitiveness and increase customer retention. Foresite uses these compelling metrics to provide valuable perspectives on your customer service and value offerings. Consequently your business development strategy becomes based on the viewpoint of  your customers and qualified leads.

And most of all, delighting your customers is fundamental to increasing sales volume and market share. It has a direct impact on demand and therefore is one of the key factors to consider in any S&OP management

Benefits of Commercial Intelligence to S&OP

Foresite turns impact events into data capture opportunities. Firstly this provides  continuous feedback of the causes and competitors driving lead attrition and sales churn. And when this is combined with our Process Performance Analytics it provides truly compelling insights into the opportunities for improving your customer retention capability. This is an important consideration in the demand planning component of S&OP.

Use Foresite’s customer intelligence in order to differentiate your business and  to outperform your markets and competitors. Add a new dimension to your sales value offering – Contact us today