IBP – Driving Efficiency & Profit

Foresite’s Latest Whitepaper on IBP

Integrated Business Planning (IBP) is the subject of our latest whitepaper “IBP – Demand Planning & Forecasting”. Gartner have cited a massive shift in companies creating digital connections within and across their supply chain operations. And a recent study for Aberdeen Group showed that 85% of companies implementing formal demand management generated significant performance improvements. Average gains include 13% improvement in overall forecast accuracy, 24% gain in inventory turns and 5% improvement in gross margin.

We explore how companies that work toward the Demand Driven Value Networks ideal use demand forecasting (e.g. Foresite) within their S&OP. This is a key differentiating capability, so they can plan, sense and shape to brings profitable balance to the business.

IBP Integrated Business Planning
Foresite: ‘Way We Work’ Collaboration


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