If Proof Were Needed…

Foresite Proof of Concept

We all seek proof of concept for our ideas and inventions and the same is true for new management techniques. Ambitious businesses always seek sales pipeline and performance analytics and Sales and Operations Planning (S&OP). Therefore Foresite predominantly operates with such companies to provide these solutions.

Proving the point; Foresite are coming to the end of a three-month marketing campaign. Firstly direct calls to UK manufacturing and service companies across various sectors. Next we aim them at only those companies in receipt of growth funding from PE houses. Finally, at our first wash-up meeting it was shown that 70% of companies we approached understood and expressed an interest in the sales planning solutions we provide, and 8% have requested some follow-up action.

Therefore, not surprisingly we are extending our marketing to a much wider group and will share our more detailed findings in due course – so watch this space!

Proof of Concept
Foresite: Proof of Concept
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