New G-Index – The Investors’ Dream Metric

New G-Index Capability Metric

New G-Index (growth index) is the ultimate metric of sales growth capability. This cardinal metric is so significant that users call it the investors dream metric.

Our clients put this simple, single figure metric to good use in a variety of  innovative ways.

New G-Index – Roots

Foresite developed the metric in 2005 for the Smithfield Corporation. This powerful index gives their investors clear visibility of the value potential being created across their $2.5 billion European portfolio during its restructuring  phase. It fulfils this requirement so well that we extended its functionality to provide drill-down capability to view the drivers and limiters impacting the index – an investor’s dream!

By comparison, other companies use the G metric to enhance EBITDA multiples on business disposals. Also they use it to assess sales synergies on new acquisitions.

We see a variety of innovative usages for this smart metric ranging from investment plan validation to performance benchmarking.

It’s time for ambitious businesses and investors to make those dreams come true by adopting this key business capability metric.

The G-Index
Foresite’s G-Index


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